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Cooking Classes

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 Ready to take your cooking to the next level?  These are in home classes taught in your own kitchen.  Menu is tiered toward your interest and taste profile.

Options: Hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads, main course, dessert  

Menu:  What specifically would you like to learn?  

Alternative classes: Wok cooking, sushi/sashimi, grilling, pressure cooking etc.     

We also offer a more alternative technical aspect of cooking such as knife skills/knife sharpening.


Knife Skills

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 Sharpening your skills!  We offer basic to advanced knife skills classes to get you in the game.  This is considered one of the most important courses to take in order to bring your skill set up to the next level.  With an emphasis on consistency and uniformity we'll elevate your knowledge and dexterity to a completely heightened degree of technical proficiency.  


On-Site Catering

On-site catering has been a niche that has served me well throughout the years in my trade. I recognized a need for it when I first began my journey into this field. There is no better feeling or taste than food prepared fresh from your own kitchen. When every ingredient has been shown love and attention! We thoroughly embrace every kitchen with joy and respect. It's very personal and close to the heart when the food that you're consuming has been prepared with love and care from your very own kitchen. Nothing hits home or compares quite like that!

Meal Planning

This course has been created with a busy household in mind. Life often gets hold of us and we're spread pretty thin on time. There's no getting around homemade food!  That's where we come in to prepare your meals, so you don't have to. Each one tailored to your tastes and desires. We can plan for 3 or 5 days out. You'll be able to take them to work, enjoy them when you're home after a long day at work or to have available when your hunger takes over. Let us make sense of your workweek and offer you some much needed time to not worry about what's to eat.

Cooking Classes

These classes are designed to usher in your imagination, self-expression and let your creative spirit shine through. We provide an amazing food and learning experience with attention to proper preparation and building your knowledge, confidence, and know-how in the kitchen. It's our goal to help you to take your love of cooking to the next level. Whether it's more technical skills or a deeper understanding of food, we stand ready to assist you in all areas of the culinary world.

Knife Skills

This course enables you to take your knife skills to the next level of expertise. We will help the beginner to get their technique down and take the intermediate and advanced students to that next degree of know-how. We enjoy seeing you flourish as you pick up new abilities in how you approach knife handling. Take this skills course with the knowledge that you are going to be a cut above the rest.