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Multicultural Cuisine

We offer on-site catering for all occasions such as weddings, birthdays, holiday or corporate parties, BBQ's as well as intimate dinners.  Whatever the occasion, we can accommodate your special event.  Our company brings the flavors, ingredients, colors, textures and tastes from around the world to your kitchen. 

We specialize in “Winemaker Dinners” where we pair food & wine together by course. The wine is the quintessential essence of these dinners and takes front row in deciding which cuisine that we pair with each varietal per course.

 Our company prepares, cooks and serves directly from your kitchen.  We believe this is when food is at its peak of freshness and quality when it’s created and served from its source.  

Whatever region that you love and enjoy we’re poised to meet and exceed your expectations.  We also offer cooking lessons to sharpen your skills in the kitchen. From basic to advanced platforms we can help you achieve that next level of proficiency and confidence in the kitchen. 

Upcoming Events

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Where we’re going to be next? What’re we doing there? Whose party are we crashing? What party are we throwing and what’s on the menu?  Count on an invite to different parties that we throw. Especially when we’re in South Lake Tahoe hanging with my business partner and friends!  It’s all about the amazingly awesome social atmosphere high in the Sierra Nevada's, not to mention the insane FOOD!!

A Force of One

We're partnering with two other businesses to further establish our brand and business model in reaching a larger audience.  We’ll be working in tandem to promote each other’s concepts and growth in the marketplace.  I’m proud to welcome: “” and “” to our team.  We’re actively engaging in growing our names and services we offer to a much larger geographical index.  We invite you to peruse these sites to fully appreciate the various type services they offer. 

About Me

Hey There!

Hi, my name is Vic,  

I'm the CEO/Chef of  "A Plate to Remember" and I'm quite passionate about my trade!  As a matter of person, I genuinely love what I do for a living.  I count myself fortunate to have trained under some amazing chefs throughout my years in this field.  I come from a military background that's etched into the modest beginnings of my culinary career.  I served 8 years as a U.S. Marine/Food service Specialist where I immersed myself into my trade and took in a wealth of knowledge that has proven to be my foothold in furthering my skills and love of what I do.  

I've been working as an Executive Chef the better part of my career as well as the position of Restaurant Manager and General Manager.  Most of my experience comes from hotel and fine dining.  I've been doing on-site catering/private chef for almost as long as I've been in this trade.  I provide both group and private lessons, teaching cuisine from all ethnic/cultural backgrounds.  I also sub-contract with other catering companies for their events and parties.  

I'm very result driven and live life with intention.  At the end of the day I like to know that I did something that has benefited somebody in a positive and lasting way.  In my eyes there is no higher calling than to be in the service of others.  I honestly think Gandhi stated it best when he said:  "The best way to lose yourself is to find yourself in the service of others".  


I feel truly blessed to be in a trade where I get to connect with people and add something special to their lives that has a genuine impact and long lasting effects.  It's quite a humbling feeling to know that through your instruction and example that this will take an individuals talent to the next fundamental level of accomplishment.  It truly elevates your standards and sharpens your resolve for the end result.  It's my intention to connect with people, find common ground and then take them to higher ground.  People who cross the finish line first are running alone, why not help others run alongside you.

I created this company with the vision and the knowledge that I as an individual can make a difference in the way we approach food, family, friends, those that are less fortunate and who often can't do for themselves!  I'm in an industry that promotes making it about other people.  I'm very thankful for the kindness that people have extended to me and I'm returning that gift of kindness in the form of my own self expression, FOOD!  

From my kitchen to yours.  Bon Appetit!