A World of Flavors

The Global Palate

This page is dedicated to all ethnic and cultural cuisine.  Our company is built and based upon understanding cuisine from the four corners of the globe. Taking that knowledge and introducing it to your kitchen.  In turn, it has the potential to change the way we view food, diet, health, and family.  All cultures are different and that opens the door for just what nationalities food you prefer, how they prepare it and the ingredients they use to make those distinct dishes.  From the four corners of the globe to the four corners of your table I present our company:  "A Plate to Remember".

Our brand isn't solely about how your dishes tasted and how it made you feel, but what it took to prepare and serve such memorable food.  It's what techniques and methodology we implemented to reach that perfect outcome.  Our company fully understands and embraces healthy eating and healthy alternatives. Everybody's diets and tastes are different and we stand ready to address each of those individual needs. 


We can shop, prepare and cook for whatever occasion or event that you have in mind.  May it be a plated sit down dinner, buffet, family-style or stations we're here to provide a warm and welcoming service.  We also do bar mitzvah's and bat mitzvah's and provide service for both vegan and vegetarians as well.  We also offer you the option to do classes for whatever region(s) you'd like to explore.  Whether it's simple to extravagant or just wanting to learn different nationalities it's completely up to you.  We'll help you put a menu together that makes perfect sense to you.  So let's strategize and create the perfect meal from start to finish.

There is something to be said about starting from nothing, an empty canvas if you will.  So let your mind wander over the endless cuisine from around the world.  It's well within your reach.  Let's visit the lush region of Catalonia or how about Kuala Lumpur or maybe the Nordic region of Finland or Puerto Rico.  How about a trip to the Netherlands or possibly Côte d'Ivoire or maybe Cuba or out to the Maldives or Indonesia.  Why not prepare some beautiful Mediterranean dishes or how about taking our taste buds to Lebanon or to the Hawaiian Islands.  All nationalities are on the table!  Imagine what you can achieve.


So what interests you?  Where do you find happiness in eating?  Are there some cultural/ethnic foods that you would like to learn?  How about the various spices and herbs from different continents or the different types of produce and proteins to choose from?  We're here as a support and resource in educating you with hands-on instruction in learning diversified fare from around the globe.  Helping you to create amazing dishes that will usher in new flavors and tastes that will change your kitchen landscape.  You'll learn to properly prep for the given courses and how to correctly use a knife in order to do so with control and safety in mind.

Our company focuses on and is well versed in said flavors of the world.  We wake up each day knowing that we're going to be a part of an individual's growth & understanding in creating dishes that are relevant from differing parts of the world.  We're both humbled and grateful to have the opportunity and privilege to walk into your kitchen and share our love of food with you!  The contrasting colors that pop and come alive, tastes, textures, and consistencies that make your mouth water, techniques and methodology to pay homage to worldwide cuisine.

Please keep us in mind for all of your events and special occasions.  We have a genuine passion and love of food and there's a whole world of possibilities to explore and have fun with.  A kitchen is a place of creativity and imagination.  So let's get together and start putting some paint on that empty canvas and let our minds travel and experience the earth's endless cuisine with unlimited tastes and flavors.  

Bon Appetit!

Let's talk Food?

 So just how diversified is your palate when it comes to shopping or choosing your next meal?  Do you stay in your safe/comfort zone or do you take the world by storm.  Just how brave are you to read menu's from totally different regions of the globe?