FAQ about On-site catering etc.


FAQ about On-site catering etc.

 Q:  How do I know which cooking classes are being offered and where? How do I sign up?

A:  The classes are created around what you would like to learn. We will have classes going on in different cities/towns and we’ll have them listed on the site so if you would like to join, we’re glad to have you. You can either call us or sign into PayPal to hold your space in the class. Only exception is if the class is a private instruction and then it won’t be listed.

 Q: Are there specific menus that we need to go by, or are we able to create a menu of our own?

A: We want you to design a menu that is tailored to what appeals to your taste and senses. 

 Q: What geographical areas do you offer your services in?

A: We are based out of Los Angeles, South Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. It depends on the event itself, but we’re positioned to travel the distance for our clients.

 Q: How do you charge for the event?

A: We charge per person. We price out the menu according to amount of ingredients used and the labor force that was utilized. We ask for one half of the total cost down to shop for groceries. The balance due to be paid on day of event.

 Q:  How far in advance do I need to make arrangements with your company concerning my wedding catering?

A:  We'll need to get all the particulars about the event from you.  So as far in advance as possible so we can hold that date open and give us time to choose the personal chef that would fit best with your wedding dinner.