Our Mission/Our Drive!

The Mission

Our business model is built upon creating meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in making your event a day that will be forever etched in your memory. Our intention is to exceed your expectations and we're genuinely committed to doing just that. 

There is no higher calling than to be in the service of others and we wear that title proudly. We all want to be part of something that's bigger than we are, so allow us the opportunity to take your special day to the next level.  To alleviate your anxiety by letting us take the reins and allow yourself the time to truly be in the moment and thoroughly enjoy your family and friends.

It's our belief in order to create a solid relationship you have to have a genuine connection first. It's impossible to look at the end result if you first haven't fostered a connection in creating a deeper more impactful relationship and to earn your trust and stand firm in our word by delivering the best outcome.  

We are looking into the future as a company of generational significance. The time and energy exercised now that will have an impact on your families, extended family and friends. Our hope is that we establish a lasting impression and build a strong connection enabling us to forge a bonding relationship that live out the years that as your family grows, that we may be drawn upon to provide our unique and personal service for each of their individual needs. 

We know no two events are alike so it's essential that we garner and build a foundation of trust in our service and ability in delivering your special occasion from beginning to end.  We're proud to be of service to you.


The Dream


It’s hard to imagine life without the ability to dream. To just find solace and freedom & to let your mind wander the hallways of infinite possibility. It’s dreams that make us act in the face of fear and adversity. It provides us purpose and a reason to persevere.  For what’s a goal without a dream to back it?

Our company has a crystal clear, concise and very real dream and we’re fully determined to bring it to life!  So let me explain. They say “if you’re not part of the solution, then your part of the problem” so we’ve decided collectively and wholeheartedly that we want to be a part of solving something significant in the world we live in. 

My good friend & business partner and I have a similar dream in helping to feed people who can really use it. The quote: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, really gives significance to the bigger goal of finding a solution for hunger. 

Our dream is to go into given people’s homes and teach them how to: budget, shop, prep and cook healthy meals for themselves and their families that fit within their financial boundaries.  By teaching these life skills the'y can be passed on generation to generation so their children in turn grow up with the know-how to properly feed themselves and their families and thus continue the cycle.  

We’re committed to that dream and are quite passionate in reaching that goal. Our ambition is to build a business that can help us draw upon that intent. Once we have achieved our objective as a successful company then our next step would be to create opportunities for people to find us and allow us to begin the process of providing in-home instruction and guidance.

Our company doesn’t just want to talk and reminisce about what it’ll be like when it happens!  We're fully committed and moving forward with our dream and making it a reality.  We have pledged to feed one family this year and will continue to up those numbers as we gradually grow our business.  For us, this is a way to give back. We have many big plans in place to see this vision through and will be giving you updates along our path to creating a solid business that reflects our goals and versatility.  We're determined to make this world a better place one plate at a time.   We're “A Plate to Remember”!.